How to Shave

Start your day with a fresh is the perfect time to get ready and start something fresh. Learn how to shave your face by reading our tips.

We have some tips on how to get smoother and comfortable shave every time.its very simple things we do every day .we can do it in simple steps to get easy and smother shave. Here is some points  on how to shave your face.

1. Hydrate:

at firts hydrate your face to smothen your skin as well as your hair. you can also take a shower to hydrate your hair .

hydrating can minimize irritation and cuts while shaving.

2. Apply some shaving cream:

gently apply some shaving cream or gel and lather it up and down. you  can use soft shaving brush to make foam with the gel/cream and spread over the hairy part of face.

3. check for your blades:

check for your blades if it looks like dull its time to take new one. it is highly recommend to use sharp and clean blade for better shave.

4. use gentle strokes:

use gentle strokes to remove your hairs. drive your razor with the grain . if you will drive your razor against grain  it can irritate you. also can be a cause of cuts. so make sure you are very cafreful when you drive your razor against the grain.

5. rinse your blade& Face:

after removing hair rinse your blade with narmal water. do not rinse blades in heave pressure water . fast flowing water can dull the sharpness of the blades.  rinse your face with water.

6. apply moisturizer:

apply some moisturizer or after shave to replenish moisture and soothe your skin.


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