10 Tips to put long lasting lipstick

1. scrub lighty on the lips using a toothbrush to remove dull and dry skin away.

2. Use a lip moisturizer to moisturize your lips.


3. remove excess cream using tissue paper.


4. gently wipe a light concealer on your lips using a brush . it will create base for your lipstick.


5. Use a sharp and  neutral lip liner on the edge of the lips.


6. apply lipstick on your hand and apply on lips using a brush.


7. Blend a thick layer of lipstick on the lips and pencil line.


8. Open mouth slightly to apply lipstick into inner corners.

9. Place tissue over the lips and apply loose  to set the lipstick in place.



10. Apply a final layer of lipstick to give a long lasting glossy finish.

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